COI BUsiness Meeting 15/10/2013

PhD Student

Have received the readings to date as agreed, next instalment on Friday

COI Projects

Tablet Project
This project is now involved with the PROMPT project funded by CINSW and shared with Liverpool. This paradigm will be expanded to allow many other types of data import. In addition, the need for a dashboard to improve workflow within MOSIAQ will be addressed. AAM is doing this

PFT Project
This project wil lattempt to import Pulmonary Function Tests from the Respiratory Department into MOSAIQ. Yingzhi Guo will undertake this when his current ICCC Project is complete.

CCR Project
The data held in the Clinical Cancer Registry by June Rose needs to be imported into MOSAIQ. A mechanism for importing updates is also required. Later.

Scheduling Project
Grahan Billiau continues to work on this project. Its scope has increased from single modailty Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy to hospital wide coordination.

Machine Learning Project
Prof Ghose has identified researchers and academics who are involved with machine learning to liaise with Andre Dekker when he next visits with the aim of establishing another research position. (Liaise with Martin Carolan)

BPMN Project
Kerry Hinge continues with his work at the ICCC. As a result of this he has reconstructed his ProcessSEER tool. It has not been possi ble to get this working at ICCC yet

Honorary Positions @ ICCC
AAM to arrange for all relevant staff to receive honorary positions at the ICCC so that they can visit and undertake work on projects.

CINSW Proposal
This needs to be resurrected and polished for presentation as Wollongong is currently the darling Informatics site and effort in NSW. AAM to do