Oncology knowledge structure - Markup language & display

Oncology knowledge structure - Markup language & display

I included the description of oncology knowledge with markup to demonstrate how the items that we put in are to be finally used for furthering oncology.

    For the IT people, the markup structure should speak volumes - initially about the structure of oncology knowledge but also lead into some consideration of what can be done with this kind of markup-ed knowledge. Incidentally, what I didn't show was how this related to clinical trial results and guideline application. I also didn't show how this structure, if extended into chemotherapy, could allow much easier incorporation of chemotherapy templates (and allow chemotherapy templates to be published on-lie with ease)
    while the IT folks might find this markup refreshingly easy to follow, the MDs are not far behind if the view becomes less cluttered. Indeed the view could be easily customised to display a number of ways, including natural language.

Given that knowledge structure, markup and display are all intimately related, the issue is then whether this markup structuring is accurate and the way to have oncological knowledge expressed. These matters are part of my research thesis which I am currently writing up.

My personal issue would be about the issue of discovering whether I am wrong about the structure and how that will be discovered. I have some ideas about this for further study. My concern here is whether the structure is correct, because then certain imperatives follow. My difficulty to date has been getting the audience to demonstrate the knowledge structure and where it has not been followed.

I also believe that the markup issue reveals a deficiency in the MOSAIQ approach of infinite customisation. If the knowledge has a structure, then a priori that structure must be mandated in the first instance, and all customisation should then be to relax these requirements. The user can then be informed. (In saying this, I don't regard the addition of new Assessments as the same kind of customisation as turning on a requirement to enter a diagnosis before a CarePlan - that requirement should exist as mandatory ex factory, and if turned off should have an accompanying warning for data integrity).