What is your experience of your EMR?

I found this link to a retracted discussion paper. I produce a link here because it is available, and the interweb acts like a great big Freedom of Information system when something is posted. It has been removed from the USyd website following complaint (?NSW Health, ?Cerner, ?both, ?aggrieved doctor who thinks it works fantastically [I am permitted sarcasm!]). The reader should realise that the paper may no longer even exist w.r.t the author and his institution which makes this a piece of history, and may never be seen again, but it's still there.


Reading it does not show any emotional heat from the author, rather a survey of the landscape with respect to some peoples' (users) opinion, but it is backed by some real evidence, AND it is not the first time that this has happened in NSW (see below)!!

Lessons from a failed information systems initiative: issues for complex organisations☆
International Journal of Medical Informatics, Volume 55, Issue 1, Pages 33-46
G. Southon, C. Sauer, K. Dampney

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